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      Hermes Electric Fence tester,
      Copyright (c)1999 by Magnus Norddahl / ClanSoft.

#ifndef header_test_hermes
#define header_test_hermes

extern "C"
      #include "Hermes.h"
      #include "H_Conv.h"
      #include "H_Pal.h"

void test_depth(
      int src_depth,
      int src_red_mask,
      int src_green_mask,
      int src_blue_mask,
      int src_alpha_mask,
      int dest_depth,
      int dest_red_mask,
      int dest_green_mask,
      int dest_blue_mask,
      int dest_alpha_mask);

void test_convert(
      HermesFormat *src_format,
      int src_x,
      int src_y,
      int src_width,
      int src_height,
      int src_pitch,
      HermesFormat *dest_format,
      int dest_x,
      int dest_y,
      int dest_width,
      int dest_height,
      int dest_pitch);

int calc_red_mask(int *mask_desc);
int calc_green_mask(int *mask_desc);
int calc_blue_mask(int *mask_desc);
int calc_alpha_mask(int *mask_desc);
int calc_pitch(int depth, int width);

// Map C++ memory allocation to efence:

void *operator new(size_t size)
      return malloc(size);

void operator delete(void *ptr)

void operator delete[](void *ptr)


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