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   Pixel format conversion interface for the HERMES library
   Copyright (c) 1998 Christian Nentwich (c.nentwich@cs.ucl.ac.uk)
   This source code is licensed under the GNU LGPL
   Please refer to the file COPYING contained in the distribution for
   licensing conditions


#include "H_Types.h"
#include "H_Format.h"
#include "H_Config.h"

/* Flags for the general public */


   Get a converter to work with, specifying a combination of the flags
   above. Returns 0 if unsuccessful.
HERMES_C HermesHandle HERMES_API Hermes_ConverterInstance(unsigned long flags);

   Return a converter if it is not needed anymore, thus releasing some 
HERMES_C void HERMES_API Hermes_ConverterReturn(HermesHandle handle);

   Request a format conversion between two formats. This function returns 0
   if the conversion cannot be provided (which should not occur too often :)
   Repeated calls to this function will be cached an terminate almost 
   immediately, so don't be ashamed of calling it often.
HERMES_C int HERMES_API Hermes_ConverterRequest(HermesHandle handle,
                                    HermesFormat *source,
                                    HermesFormat *dest);

   Set the palette of the source surface / destination surface for a 
   subsequent conversion. At the moment, only sourcepal is used.
   Returns 0 if unsuccessful (invalid handle!).
HERMES_C int HERMES_API Hermes_ConverterPalette(HermesHandle handle,
                                    HermesHandle sourcepal,
                                    HermesHandle destpal);

   Do a format conversion after calling the setup routines above. This will
   convert (or copy) the pixel data from s_pixels to the data in d_pixels.
   Both source and destination areas/origins can be specified as well as
   the scanline width in bytes of the source/destination.
   Returns 0 if unsuccessful (invalid handle or request not called before).
HERMES_C int HERMES_API Hermes_ConverterCopy(HermesHandle handle,
                   void *s_pixels,int s_x,int s_y,int s_width,
                   int s_height,int s_pitch,void *d_pixels,int d_x,
                   int d_y,int d_width,int d_height,int d_pitch);


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